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General Contractor Reno, NV When you are getting any general construction or home renovation work done, you need to be sure that the company you hire provides high-quality services. Sierra Maintenance & Construction, LLC has a proven track record in the field. They cater to clients in Sparks, Reno, and Spanish Springs.

Many property owners from Sun Valley, Incline Village, and Carson City, trust only them for all their general contracting requirements. The company also handles projects for clients in Virginia City, Dayton, Nixon, and Silver Springs. A well-established general contractor will always offer a wide range of services. They have many technicians on their team, such as carpenters, masons, painters, electricians, drywall installers, tilers, and more.

These companies handle small renovation and remodeling jobs, as well as extensions and additions. They can design and plan as well as build additional rooms, renovate basements and attics, remodel kitchens and bathrooms, and more. Since some remodeling and renovation projects involve many different services, you need to choose the right general contractor.

Choose The Best Local General Contractor

Some aspects to keep in view while selecting a contractor include:

  • Look for a company with a good reputation and check how long they have been in business. An experienced professional will have handled a significant number of projects and would be able to manage your requirements expertly.
  • Look for a local general contractor as they will have connections with local suppliers and would be able to source the best materials at the best pricing.
  • Check whether the company is licensed and insured, as that is a mark of their credibility.
  • It’s a good idea to call them and ask for references of previous clients. Call some of these people to determine whether the company provides excellent services.
  • Make sure they can handle all aspects of the job, depending on what your requirements are. Ideally, they should be able to provide carpenters, painters, electricians, masons, etc. for various tasks.
  • Check how communicative they are and whether they will and can offer custom solutions.
  • If you have an architect or designer working on your project, make sure that the general contractor would be able to work with them as per the plans and designs they have provided.

Services That a General Contractor Can Offer

Most experienced general residential contractors offer a wide range of services such as:

  • Remodeling and additions
  • Kitchen & bathroom remodels
  • Home improvement projects
  • Home design upgrades
  • Structural/room extensions
  • Whole structure remodeling
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Installation of outdoor living features
  • Addition of a second story to a structure
  • Other

While you check on the company's credentials and capabilities, also determine whether you can sync with the contractor. Some projects can extend over many days, and you need to be sure that the company you hire would work with you as per your needs.

If you want excellent solutions, you need the expertise of companies like Sierra Maintenance & Construction, LLC. These proven operators will make sure you get high-grade services at very competitive general contracting costs.

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